Linking up external TV Guide

SS IPTV allows to indicate in playlist url to external TV Guide, which will be loaded when user opens the playlist.

Note! Very often TVs don't have enough resources for managing large TV Guide source! Unthinking using of this feature may lead to long freezing or even app's crashing! We strongly recommend not to link up TV Guide for the channels which the app already has EPG for.

In order to force the app to request external EPG source, you need to add x-tvg-url attribute for header directive #EXTM3U:

#EXTM3U x-tvg-url="EPG_url"

Now the app supports jtv and xmltv formats. Recommended size for jtv - less than 0,5 Mb, xmltv - less than 5 Mb. Zipping (gzipping) is not allowed for xmltv.

In order to provide TV Guide's loading for any device, the file must be returned with http-header: Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * besides that, for xmltv the following headers are also required:

Access-Control-Allow-Methods: "GET, POST, OPTIONS, HEAD"
Access-Control-Allow-Headers: "Range"
Access-Control-Expose-Headers: "Accept-Ranges, Content-Encoding, Content-Length, Content-Range"

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